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Q:  What do I need to do before drilling a well?

A: Before doing anything, you will need to contact your County Health Department and get the proper permit for the construction of your well. The location of the well also needs to be determined. We have a free site evaluation available to you and after doing a initial study of your lot, your needs, the terrain and adjacent wells, we will suggest, based on our findings, where the well should be located.

Q: What are some limitations when choosing a location?

A:  Surface landscaping and the geology of the area both play significant roles in well placement. But there are also external factors to consider as well. For instance, location must be accessible for the equipment we use to drill the well. Our well drilling trucks are rather large and heavy, and when in operation have up to a 40' operational height. As such, power lines, tree, steep inclines and narrow passages must be considered.

Q:  Will water always be found where you drill?
A:  Although no one can guarantee an adequate water source by looking at the surface, we have over 40 years of experience in this area and have a extensive understanding of the soil type, geology and aquifers. We have a track record that we are very proud of.

Q:  What is the best time of year to drill a well?

A:  Contrary to popular belief, you can drill a well regardless of the season, however, we do have to be able to safely access the drilling site. On new construction projects, we always recommend drilling your well prior to beginning your house construction. This can provide adequate water for your needs prior to construction and will also provide you with water for masonry, testing plumbing, cleaning etc. during the construction of your home.

Q: How will the cost of my well be determined?
A: The final cost of drilling a well is based on many factors. The final depth of the well, the type and amount of casing used, the distance from the well to the house entry point, the planned usage demands on the system (i.e., what size pump will be best for your needs) and any necessary water filtration or softening equipment that may be needed all play into the total price of a well. We always give our customers an estimate and answer any questions before starting.

Q: How much water will I need?
A: Personal consumption, lawn and garden irrigation systems, agricultural use, cleaning habits, swimming pools and spas are just
a few of the things to consider. If you have frequent guests or livestock, you will also need to take them into consideration as well. Try to plan on approximately 100 gallons per day/per person.

Q: Can you determine the amount or quality of the water?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way to predetermine the amount or quality of the water until the well has been completed. During the well construction process, we will be able to provide you with the progress of your well to assure adequate water is found. Upon completion of the well, we will be able to tell you the quantity of water that was encountered. Water quality cannot be determined until a pump is installed and a water test is performed.

Q: Will I need any water filtration or softening equipment?
A: Water filtration and softening systems are often added to remove any undesirable minerals, also referred to as water "hardness". After the pumping equipment has been installed, we can provide you with a water quality test to determine if any additional filtration or softening equipment is required.

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